Great opportunities

We offer investment opportunities to our clients, monetizing this market. We have always found a way to offer more to our clients through the use of automated payment processing systems and advanced infrastructure.

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Deposit offer
  • Income percentage: from 200% to 760%
  • Investment: 100.00 -1 000 000.00
  • Accruals: Every 8 minutes
  • Deposit term: 24-72 hours
  • Payouts: Automatic
  • The body of the deposit: Entering accruals
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Investment statistics
Login Deposit amount Payment
Viskonti 600.00
ptichka7 100.00
Mamedov_007 200.00
London 21 000.00
Kiril 37 000.00
Payout statistics
Login Payout amount Payment
shurik43 10.00
Agiag33 77.56
Agiag33 90.00
Lexik 12 000.00
Nath 15 000.00
affiliate program
We offer three statuses of the affiliate program, which allow you to receive additional income from the deposits of the investors you invited.
For more information about statuses, see the Partners section!
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  • 6 Levels
* By registering, you immediately receive this status.

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Payment systems
We work with the most popular electronic payment systems. Choose any available payment system to transfer funds.